Jimin’s solo achievements are unparalleled compared to other BTS members, having set an international record that is difficult to surpass

In July 2022, J-hope was the first member of BTS to separate after the group announced the second chapter of their career. He released the album “Jack in the Box” with a series of self-produced songs that swept international charts. But in Korea, Jack in the Box does not really have outstanding achievements because of the experimental music material, favoring USUK-style hip-hop.

After the opening shot of j-hope, the eldest Jin, before enlisting in the army, quickly released the song “The Astronaut”. The song has the most impressive debut on Spotify. According to Spotify’s data, Jin’s solo song surpassed 5.6 million streams in just the first 24 hours.  The oldest brother Jin quickly released the song “The Astronaut” before enlisting with a high score.

But, the most explosive is Jimin’s 4th solo. Confronting Jisoo (BLACKPINK) in the same promotion, Jimin established a series of unprecedented achievements. On the first day of the sale of the album Face, Hanteo recorded more than 900 copies sold, although there were still a few conflicts with the Army, the announced number was still a huge milestone.

Thanks to the large fandom, Jimin’s debut album reached #1 iTunes in 100 countries and territories such as Vietnam, Colombia, Japan, the US, Australia… Jimin also debuted at the top of the global Spotify chart with Like Crazy, International digital music milestones have led to explosive achievements on rigorous UK and US charts. In the UK, Jimin debuted at #8.

super hits, Gangnam Style and Gentlemen, in recent years, has maintained stability but not too prominently. Zico is a name that “guarantees digital music” on Korean charts. All of the above names are widely accepted by Korean audiences, but in terms of international achievements, Jimin is currently the most prominent name.

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