BLACKPINK Jisoo: loved by the media yet ignored by YG entertainment?

With her outstanding beauty and talent, as well as her charming and friendly personality, BLACKPINK Jisoo is loved and adored by every person who has worked with her.

Recently, BLACKPINK made a grand comeback with the 2nd full album “BORN PINK”, the pre-release single “Pink Venom”, and the title song “Shut Down”. Due to their busy schedule, the girl group only had 2 music show performances at SBS’ Inkigayo.

As it has been 2 years after BLACKPINK’s last appearance on a music show, SBS decided to select Jisoo as the thumbnail for the group’s stage – a befitting choice since Jisoo is known as the group’s visual. However, this move from SBS highlights the fact that YG has never made Jisoo the thumbnail for all BLACKPINK MVs.

SBS used Jisoo as the thumbnail for BLACKPINK’s Inkigayo performance. Meanwhile, despite being the visual of BLACKPINK, Jisoo never appears as the thumbnail of the group’s MVs.

When Jisoo appeared as the cover girl for Vogue Korea, the magazine changed their Instagram bio into lovely words addressed to the female idol. In addition, they also published a compilation post of all their previous collaborations with Jisoo.

Vogue Korea used a lot of lovely words when it comes to Jisoo. The magazine changed their Instagram bio to celebrate Jisoo being their cover girl.

Jisoo has appeared on Vogue’s pictorials and interview various times. The female idol earns numerous praise for all of her Vogue appearances.

As the global ambassador for luxury brands Dior and Cartier, Jisoo often attends events held by the two designer houses. As a result, the female idol would be welcomed by local media whenever she travels abroad for these events, while reporters remember clearly Jisoo’s face and name.

Jisoo received great media attention when she appeared at Paris Fashion Week.

In 2019, when Jisoo attended a Dior event, the media site Me2Day posted a photo of Jisoo with the caption “Breath-takingly beautiful”. Or in a recent occasion, when Jisoo danced with high heels on the stage of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, local media also could not hold back their praise.

Jisoo was described as “breathtakingly beautiful” by Me2Day. The female idol also received a lot of praise for performing on high heels on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Jisoo earns a lot of love with her admirable beauty, talent, and great personality.

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