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About The Drama Clubs

At the drama clubs, we’re all about diving deep into the lives of celebrities and discovering who they really are behind the scenes. When the cameras stop rolling and the costumes come off, who are these Hollywood celebrities, really? Where do they live? How much are they worth? Do they have any regrets when it comes to their careers? What are their secrets?

An A-Lister turning down a MAJOR franchise? We’re on it. A new love interest in a reality TV star’s life? You know we’ve got a take. The Royal Family is having problems? We have that covered. Our hardworking team of contributors and editorial staff is constantly plugged in to the latest Hollywood celebrity scoops and is dedicated to producing only the very best content:

  • Celebrity Coverage: If you’re talking about it, we’re talking about it. We want to know how much celebrities are making, where they’re living, who they’re dating, and most importantly, what they’re up to! When we know, you know. Hollywood’s elite are always discussing their careers in interviews and on Social Media, and we want to give you the low-down. This is why our content dives deep into the subject and uncovers the complicated and most important questions you might have about the biggest names. Get the answers you need, all in one place.
  • We’re Always Updating: In celebrity’s world, anything can and does happen. ALWAYS. We’re constantly updating our content to make sure the information we’re providing you is accurate and up to date.
  • Exclusive Interviews: We’re always looking for the latest insight from some of the biggest Social Media influencers, up-and-coming celebrities, and Reality TV stars, and we want to get the word to you first. Make sure you check back with us regularly for exclusive interviews with celebrity voices that matter.

We’ve been reporting on celebrities and Hollywood since 2015, and it is something we excel at. If you have a celebrity question we haven’t answered yet, give it a couple of days. We’re probably working on it right now.