BTS’s V Wearing This Expensive Red Dress Is Everything You Needed

He slayed the look so well that he recently debuted another dress during KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje. The red dress paired with his green earpieces were perfectly suited for the Christmas season.

For their “Go Go” and “Home” stages, he made fans fall in love with the look.

V was so into the outfit that he held onto a piece of it while hitting his dance move and giving a charismatic facial expression. ARMYs were sold and had to know the details on the dress.

The dress is from an Italian brand. It’s part of FENDI‘s collection and worth $2,180 USD. In the original photo, it’s worn with a black belt to cinch in the model’s waist. From the way V’s wearing it, who needs a belt?

Who would’ve thought a simple dress could look so good? That’s the power of V’s style and visuals, though. He can pull off just about anything.

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Author: Usman Ishaq

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