10+ hottest Things BTS Jungkook Ever Wore In Public

1. Black V-Neck Shirt & Blazer

This outfit is a favorite among Jungkook stans. Jungkook’s plunging neckline shows off his toned chest, while his blazer adds a touch of elegance.

2. Blue Satin Blouse

Jungkook favors the color black, but he looks fantastic in blue too!

3. Black Blazer, Leather Pants & Peek-A-Boo Top

Jungkook already looks ridiculously hot in his shimmering blazer and tight, leather pants, but when he takes his blazer off…

4. Cathedral Blazer, Ruffled Blouse & Jeans

Jungkook dazzles his audience with this artistic suit jacket and classic button-up.

5. Red Jacket & Black Tee

This outfit could be called “The Bad Boy Starter Kit”. He rocks a rebellious look in this biker-style coat, black leather pants, and a classic black T-shirt.

6. Black Suit & White Shirt

If Jungkook decided to only ever wear suits, nobody would complain. He always looks fantastic in tailored jackets and snazzy button-ups!

7. Military Uniform

Jungkook earns a medal for hotness in this highly-decorated, airforce-inspired outfit.

8. Black Shirt, Black Pants….black everything!

Jungkook’s belt and shiny lapel trim adds just the right amount of purple to this otherwise monochromatic ensemble.

9. Red Blazer & Black Leather

Jungkook is devilishly dashing in his simple, scarlet suit jacket and trademark leather pants.

10. Striped Sweater

Red and black again! It’s like that color combo was invented just for Jungkook. He looks like the lead singer of a punk-rock band in his unraveling “War of Hormone” era sweater and skinny scarf.

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Author: Usman Ishaq

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