BTS’s RM Is Being Praised For His Unfiltered And Honest Answers In A Recent Hard-Hitting Interview

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has become one of the most-known names in K-Pop and has had to cement their titles as “K-Pop Golden Boys” in the way they act and behave.

Yet, as time goes on and BTS becomes more popular, it has given them a platform to be more honest. In particular, one member who has gained praise from ARMYs worldwide is leader RM.

Since debuting, RM has gained attention from fans for many reasons, including his unrivaled talent, charming charisma, and the ability to be the perfect leader.

In particular, the discourse in his answers across various publications proves that no matter what could have happened, he wouldn’t ask for anything other than being in BTS.

RM hit back at the harsh and blunt question, calling out those in the West and defending Korea and the country’s history.

Yet, it wasn’t due to his actions but the way the Western media like to portray K-Pop. He acknowledged there are issues, but also the changes made over the years.

RM also hit back at those claims, with netizens believing that his desire to use the “K” prefix showcases his love for Korea.

He even got real about the “issues” many have about K-Pop, and how they are shaped by those who aren’t even involved in the industry.

While ARMYs have always known and praised how eloquent and passionate RM is, this interview has cemented that.

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Author: Usman Ishaq

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