15 Pictures of Angelina Jolie Will Make You Envy Brad Pitt

We have also gathered a few Angelina Jolie bikni and swimsuits featuring Angelina Jolie’s face and body pictures.

1. Angelina poses in a pink bikni, showing off her legs and ample cleavage.

2. The actress poses in a silky dress with back to the camera that shows off her smooth back and booty.

3. Angelina poses in a dress that highlights her perfect cleavage.

4. Angelina poses in black while showcasing her legs.

5. Angelina poses in a black shoulderless dress, which shows off her collarbone.

6. Jolie poses on a sofa while showcasing her and but in a silky gown.

7. She poses in front of the camera in a silky low-cut gown that shows off her perfect cleavage.

8. The actress poses in a black dress that highlights her ample.


9. Angelina steals the limelight while showing off her cleavage and collarbone while in the pool.


10. Angelina poses in a bed while wearing lingerie that highlights her breasts and legs.


11. The actress poses seductively in a black and lacy bikni which shows off her cleavage and pair of legs.


12. Jolie poses in front of the camera in a pink and silky bra as it showcases her smooth skin.


13. Angelina poses in a simple yet dress and short hair, making her look both and classy at the same time.


14. The actress poses in a blue swimsuit that perfectly encapsulates her.



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