Ariana Grande offers support for fans trying to boycott 7 Rings so her new track Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Ariana Grande’s new album Thank U, Next has been tearing up the streaming charts, with her fans going to bizarre lengths to ensure a third straight #1 single on Spotify. Her first single, Thank U, Next, hit #1 on the singles charts, and then her second single, 7 Rings, quickly went to #1 as well.

Last week, the 25-year-old singer released Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored, and fans are now determined to make that number 1, by boycotting 7 Rings, a strategy which Grande has playfully responded to on Twitter.

News of the ‘boycott’ first came to Grande’s attention when a Twitter user named @nasaleon13 told Grande to, ‘get off her a** and go f***ing promote it.’ Grande responded to the tweet with, ‘i’m….. rehearsing for tour ….. r u ok,’ before another fan said, ‘break up with ur rehearsals, we’re bored.’

‘Y’all are so insane and funny and i love u,’ Grande began. ‘Nothings funnier than “boycott seven rings”….. i can’t lmao.’ She seemed to tell her fans that the boycott might not help, stating, ‘Whatever’s meant to be will be, babies. I ain’t goin nowhere,’ she said, with the hashtag #thankunext.

Another fan said, ‘i cant believe we are boycotting 1 of arianas songs so the other can debut at #1 ……. this is actually insane.’ Ariana responded with, ‘ur all sick,’ while another fan said, ‘we literally have a buwygf, im streaming party to block 7 rings wkdbekwk ‘This is a wild time for us lmao,’ Grande said with a tornado emoji.

‘Do ur thing but also like how is this our problem rn …… what the ҒUCҜ,’ she added, with the hashtag #thankunext. Another fan chimed in with the hashtags, #Boycott7Rings and #BUWYGIBStreamingParty,’ which Grande responded with ‘stop it rn.’ Regardless of boycotts, Grande’s album Thank U, Next is a mᴀssive hit after just a few days of release.

Author: Ayesha Aftab

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