Plastic Surgery Patients Overwhelmingly Choose BLACKPINK’s Jennie As Their Model, Here’s Why

So, who better to explain why so many plastic surgery patients ask to look like BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

First and foremost, Kook Hwa clarified that there’s no need to bring a celebrity’s photo to a non-invasive surgical procedure like Botox since these treatments can’t actually change the shape of your face—no matter how much to look like Jennie.

With that in mind, Park Moon Soo went on to explain why Jennie’s visuals are so popular among cosmetic surgery patients. First, he said Jennie has a uniquely short chin and small jaw. These features make her look even younger than her real age.

On top of that, he explained that Jennie also has “slanted eyes and thick lips.” In contrast to her cute jawline, this makes the BLACKPINK star look sizzling. It’s this, says Park Moon Soo, that makes her visuals so desirable to cosmetic surgery patients.

I think a lot of people ask for looking cute at the same time.

As such, patients who already have a cute face come into the clinic for treatments that will make them look cuter—such as jawline tailoring. Conversely, those who already have a cute image want lip fillers or similar treatments that make them look sexier.

That said, Kook Hwa notes that many celebrities have slim and small faces, along with well-formed facial features. As such, if you’re considering plastic surgery, she recommends bringing photos of celebrities who have a more similar image to your own rather than striving to replicate Jennie’s unique beauty.

Author: Seebal Rana

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