Jennifer Aniston Look Stunning In Esquire October 2002 Photoshoot!

Jennifer Aniston became a fashion icon since the time she appeared on the popular American sitcom FRIENDS, her character Rachel Green is still popular among the audience even after over a decade. The 53-year-old actress still sets the internet on fire with her sultry photoshoots and pictures all over.

Jennifer Aniston – Esquire October 2002 (PS)

She rocks every fashion statement and sets goals for the rest of the world. As we know, the internet is a vast black hole of information and photographs, and browsing through it is one of the best ways of passing time these days.

Hence we came across this gorgeous picture of the actress that proved the saying once again that “age is just a number.”

While a lot of us have already become couch potatoes in our 20s and 30, here is Jen with her gorgeously toned figure and amazing fashion sense setting examples for women worldwide.

She enjoys a large fan following on her social media, and then there are several fan-made accounts dedicated to her that post such magnificent photographs of the actress.

Talking about the image that we discovered On Twitter lately, shows the actor posing, staring directly at the lens! Oh Boy! Even if it is just an image, that looks is enough to give you all sorts of naughty ideas![*wink, you know what we mean, right?]

Jenifer Aniston chose to wear a tanned leather jacket paired with low-waist denim, and since the image is only to her waist, it is hard to make out whether it is short or full-length pants.

That will not be even your concern because the eye doesn’t move past her provocative cleav*ge as she opted for a br*less look.



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