Jennifer Aniston got hair extensions fearing cropped locks ‘made her look older’

She cut her famous hair into a chic bob in November but had a change of heart and opted for extensions less than three months later. And now RadarOnline reports Jennifer Aniston decided to return to her longer hairstyle because she hated her new look and thought it ‘made her look older’. The actress is said to have spent ‘five hours’ in the salon chair getting the perfectly matched tresses sealed to her head to recreate her famously beloved long ‘do.

According to a source for RadarOnline, the We’re The Millers star was struck with bitter regrets following her drastic decision to go for a basic short crop last year. And it seems the hairstyle did not sit well with the actress, who is engaged to Justin Theroux. According to RadarOnline, ‘Jen had been complaining to friends that she didn’t like the short hairdo… she thought she wanted a drastic change, but felt it wasn’t the right look for her.’ But patience was apparently not an option.

‘Instead of just growing her hair out, Jen opted to have hair extensions put back in, which she has utilised in the past,’ the source said. ‘Jen has never been low maintenance when it comes to her hair… her identity is really wrapped up in her hair,’ said the source. And word is that for the engaged beauty, youthfulness played a big part in her decision. ‘She felt having the short hair made her look older, which she is trying to avoid. Having long hair, according to Jen, makes her look younger.’

Speaking about the effort that would have gone into the procedure, the source continued: ‘The entire process to put the extensions in took over five hours because of the amount of extensions she needed. ‘If Jen was trying to have healthier hair, well, it’s not going to happen with those extensions.’ Pushers of the Brazilian Blowout – which Jen reportedly claimed was responsible for the hair damage which forced her to do the big chop – have been unimpressed with claims that the popular straightening procedure caused problems.



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