Scarlett Johansson in hot new Super Bowl commercial

Her SodaStream collaboration has been mired in controversy but Scarlett Johansson has put that behind her to smoulder in a hot new Super Bowl commercial. The 29-year-old actress appears in the 30 second spot, to air during the big game on Sunday, after initially being banned for the line ‘Sorry Coke and Pepsi,’ extolling the virtues of the environmentally friendly machine and uses her sex appeal to do so.

With the offending line now removed, Scarlett can be heard purring, ‘If only there was some way I could make this message go viral,’ before whipping off her drab white robe to reveal a figure hugging navy dress. As the camera cuts to slow motion, she drinks her soda through a straw while gazing into the camera. Earlier, while dressed in her white robe, Scarlett shows viewers exactly how to use the machine.

She says: ‘Like most actors my real job is saving the world ‘Start with plain water, add bubbles, mix in the plain flavour, look a soda that’s better for you and all of us. Less sugar, less bottles.’ The video below featured the banned line which will not broadcast on Sunday.

According to USA Today, the commercial was initially rejected by Fox, which will air the Super Bowl, because it featured the line ‘Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.’ Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream told USA Today: ‘That’s the line that Fox has demanded that SodaStream kill. What are they afraid of? Which advertiser in America doesn’t mention a competitor?

This is the kind of stuff that happens in China. I’m disappointed as an American.’ Both Coca Cola and Pepsi are sponsors of the annual sporting event. He fumed: ‘If I could get my money back, I’d be happy to be out of that deal.’ While Alex Bogusky, who helped to create the ad, was also angry, he acknowledged cutting the line would give more screentime to Scarlett and added: ‘So that’s nice.’

Quite conveniently, Johansson insists she is a huge fan of the SodaStream and often gifts them to friends. She told People. ‘I have been pushing SodaStream to my family for years. I buy it for my friends as housewarming gifts and I have it everywhere I go. ‘When I film I have it in my trailer and they outfit the whole craft service table with it. I have it everywhere just because I love it so much.’

The company which produces the SodaStream machines that allow environmentally friendly users to carbonate their own water at home recently came under fire for producing ‘blood bubbles’. The Israeli company, which signed Scarlett as their first Global Brand Ambassador, runs three factories in the occupied West Bank and many say the company is taking advantage of the Palestinian residents who have few other employment options.

SodaStream has been around in one form or another for more than a century but it became a publicly traded company in 2010. The Forward, one of the best-known Jewish daily newspapers in the United States, slammed the company, saying that it ‘does exploit the commercial benefits of (the factory’s) location, essentially profiting from occupation’.


Author: Rana Abdullah

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