Why Jessica Alba Refuses To Talk About Being Kidnapped At 15 & Her Troubled Past

Actress Jessica Alba rose to fame in the late 90s/early 2000s, starring in films such as ‘Honey’ and later ‘Fantastic Four.’ Even though Alba remains mostly private about her personal life, her dark past has often resurfaced, including an incident where she was kidnapped when she was 15.

At the time, Alba was on the set of her first show ‘Flipper.’ She had begun receiving strange calls, which she disregarded as a prank. Shortly after the strange calls, Alba was kidnapped from the set and was missing for 14 hours, only to be found blindfolded, gagged, and bound in the trunk of a car after an extensive search.

The case was eventually dismissed after Alba was unable to provide any information to authorities, and has since refused to speak publicly about the kidnapping. “A lot of girls have eating disorders and I did too,” she said. “I became obsessed with it. I never see myself as a beautiful woman and have never traded on that to get ahead in this business.”

Alba shared that growing up in such a religious family meant that she didn’t believe in sex before marriage, and “whoever asked her out” during her teenage years, she was never intimate with them. “I basically went out with any guy who asked me because hardly anyone ever asked me out,” Alba said.


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