Fans compare BLACKPINK Jennie with Ah-Hyun of YG’s new band Baby Monster due to their amazing similarity

Fans compare BLACKPINK Jennie Ah-Hyun of YG’s new band Baby Monster

Ah-Hyun caught fan’s attention with her pre-debut pictures and people are drawing her comparison with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

On an online community forum, netizens are discussing the photos of Ah-Hyun (unofficial spelling) from BABYMONSTER.

This 2007 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 singer’s casual photos were doing rounds on social media recently and netizens thought that she ‘gives off the vibe’ of BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

These pre-debut photos of Ah-Hyun as well as the others are stirring the web’s high expectations for the new girl group.

Shortly after these photos went viral, fans could not help admiring the young singer as she resembled a lot to Jennie.

Some of the reactions included:

“OMG where did they even find ‘the Jennie type’ face again”

“Such a beautiful YG face…”

“I definitely see Jennie”

“I also see Kim Garam”

“Gives me Jennie vibes”

“Jennie is more of a puppy face but she is so beautiful”

“I guess there is no limit to beautiful people surfacing T_T”

“Pretty people just keep debuting”

“More ad more beautiful people debuting”

“I also see Huh Yunjin”

Stay tuned for more updates on BABYMONSTER!

Author: Seebal Rana

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