Bigbang’s Taeyang reveals how he really feels about the Blackpink members “teasing” him on stage

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang has been in the K-Pop industry for over 15 years, and it means that he has been through it all and isn’t afraid to speak about different teams.

Of course, after being within the business for therefore lengthy and being a part of YG Entertainment (till he just lately left for THE BLACK LABEL), it means he has a agency friendship with the members of BLACKPINK.

When Taeyang launched his new music “VIBE” with BTS’s Jimin, Jisoo and Jennie couldn’t cease teasing their senior when sharing their assist.

The first was a remark from Jennie as, underneath one in every of Taeyang’s posts, the BLACKPINK idol commented, “I missed you so much.” The cause that it was so humorous was that Jennie was teasing Taeyang for one thing he mentioned at a live performance to followers, and it turned a meme.

After all the teasing, Taeyang finally revealed how he feels about the way the BLACKPINK members love to mimic his greetings.

Taeyang recently sat down with 1theK and took part in the DDP. IDDP is a show where idols read their trivia on their different online pages and respond to it.

When Taeyang was looking through the popular forum site called TheQoo, one of the posts spoke about the BLACKPINK members copying his greetings. After seeing the post, Taeyang explained, “I never knew they were this serious about memes.”

Yet, the teasing appeared to have stemmed from a very long time in the past as Taeyang revealed a narrative in regards to the members.

Author: Seebal Rana

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