Blackpink Jennie’s OOPS Moments On Stage

You will unquestionably fall in love with what the Blackpink girls do if you enjoy K-Pop music. They excel in whatever they do, whether it’s scorching the screen in their music videos or lighting up the crowd when they perform live. They are currently very popular because of the upcoming release of their debut solo album on August 28, 2020, including the stunning wonder Selena Gomez.
A wardrobe malfunction can be everyone’s worst nightmare as well as a priceless and unpleasant experience. Wardrobe breakdowns may be disastrous, especially for all Kpop idols during their stage performances.

BLACKPINK Unforgettable Wardrobe Malfunction

BLACKPINK’s performance attire is known for being lavish, flamboyant, and sophisticated. Their clothing malfunction was caused by lost jewels, misplaced accessories, or torn garments. The show must go on for the girls despite those wardrobe mishaps. Here are some memorable BLACKPINK fashion mishaps.

Problem with Jennie’s Costume

During a BLACKPINK performance called “In Your Area” in America, Jennie had to deal with a memorable wardrobe mishap. She had a bad feeling about the song “Don’t Know What to Do” even before it started. While singing and pondering how to handle her situation, she continued to cling to her jacket. She opted to finish her first verse of the song before leaving the stage peacefully after realizing that she had gotten other band members’ attention. After altering her costume for a few minutes, she eventually returned to the stage and resumed dancing as usual. She handled it so expertly!

Author: Seebal Rana

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