Rupert Grint reveals he did name his daughter after Wednesday Addams

Rupert Grint(opens in new tab) and his partner Georgia Groome welcomed their first child in 2020, with the couple calling their newborn daughter Wednesday. While baby Wednesday was born in May that year, Rupert didn’t reveal the sweet moniker until six months later when he shared his first ever Instagram post, confirming her name as ‘Wednesday G. Grint.’

In recent months, it has seen a huge spike in popularity when it comes to baby names – especially with the emerging ‘main character energy’ baby name trend(opens in new tab) – thanks to Tim Burton’s Wednesday(opens in new tab) landing on Netflix. But it seems that Rupert and Georgia were way ahead of the curve, as the Harry Potter star revealed during an interview that he did in fact name his daughter after the Addams Family character.

Appearing on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor said that Wednesday Addams was their baby name inspiration, and also shared sweet details about his toddler.

Fallon asked: “Great name, by the way, Wednesday. Why Wednesday?”

Rupert replied: “Well… I mean, I’m always hesitant to say The Addams Family. But yeah, it was kind of The Addams Family. Just always loved the name… it kind of memorable.”

When asked about the ‘G’ in his daughter’s name, he responded: “Samuel L. Jackson kind of inspired that.

“We love the idea of, like, an initial like ‘Samuel L. Jackson’, ‘Michael J. Fox’, that kind of ‘speaking the initials’. So she’s Wednesday G. Grint.”


Rupert also told the talkshow host that Wednesday has spent most of her life in the US as he has been there filming Servant.

He added: “She does love Philly. She loves hoagies, she loves water ice. And I mean the big one is Target. She is obsessed with Target.

“She’d choose that over going to the park, or zoo. But she loves going to different Targets and seeing how the layout is kind of slightly different.

“Sometimes she doesn’t buy anything, she just wants to kind of browse. The toy aisle is definitely a draw, but she’s more into lip balm, to be fair.”

So cute!

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