Jenna Ortega Has Regrets About Viral Wednesday Dance Moves

Despite its popularity, Jenna Ortega reveals she has regrets about her viral Wednesday dance moves. Ortega leads the cast of the Netflix series as the Addams Family’s daughter, exploring her teenage years as she heads off to the private school Nevermore Academy, home to various supernatural beings that is also her parents’ alma mater. Upon arrival, Wednesday begins to realize she has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities and puts them to use to save the town and her classmates from a murderous creature. Ortega and Wednesday have scored largely favorable reviews, with many taking note in particular of her unhinged dance scene during the Rave’N Dance, though the actor at the center of it doesn’t have a glowing review for the moment.

No, even that, I still can’t believe.That was one of the scenes that I stay awake at night thinking about. There was so much I could have done and should have done. So, the fact that anyone has shown any appreciation or even tried it themselves is unfathomable to me. 

Why Wednesday’s Dance Was So Popular

Much like her first sole smile seen with Uncle Fester’s arrival, Wednesday’s viral dance in season 1 became a widespread phenomenon for showing a new side to the typically morose character. Though not brimming with joy as with her uncle’s visit, the Rave’N Dance saw Ortega’s Addams daughter fully let loose by embracing the music and showing off some eccentric moves for Tyler, one of the few locals who she feels worthy of letting her guard down for. Ultimately, while her dance movies gained her some respect with her classmates, namely Joy Sunday’s Bianca, Tyler ultimately proved to be the Hyde behind the local murders, breaking Wednesday’s heart as he even tried to kill her.

What We Know About Wednesday’s Future

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