Who Plays Wednesday Addams In Tim Burton’s TV Show

Tim Burton’s Netflix show Wednesday has cast an up-and-coming star as The Addams Family heroine, prompting viewers to wonder where they have seen the actor before.  As the title implies, Wednesday will center on the young daughter of the macabre clan, a perennially popular breakout character who is overdue a spinoff of her own.

Jenna Ortega’s Previous Roles: Where You Know Wednesday’s Actor From

At only 19 years old, Ortega has made quite a name for herself as a horror heroine before appearing in Burton’s series. Her biggest financial hit so far is the blockbuster slasher sequel Scream 2022, wherein she played the reboot’s co-lead Tara Carpenter. Before that, Ortega played a new love interest for The Babysitter: Killer Queen’s lead character Cole as well as playing a supporting role in the 2021 family comedy Yes Day. Outside of horror and comedy, Ortega also earned critical acclaim for her role as a school shooting survivor in The Fallout, an indie hit from 2021. Since then, she played a supporting role in director Ti West’s critically-acclaimed 70s slasher throwback X.

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