What’s Up With Nevermore’s Faceless Students In Wednesday?

Wednesday season 1 features several supernatural species at Nevermore Academy, but the series fails to explain the school’s curious group of faceless students. Wednesday season 1 manages to give a spotlight to at least one character from every confirmed species, with the noted exception of the eerie unnamed faceless students.

Wednesday’s Faceless Characters May Have A Japanese Mythological Inspiration

Likewise, Wednesday’s faceless species closely align with a supernatural species from Japanese mythology called noppera-bō, which roughly translates to “faceless ghost.” Since one of the few classic supernatural species seemingly missing at Nevermore was ghosts, Wednesday’s faceless teens being The Addams Family universe’s version of a noppera-bō makes sense.

Wednesday Season 2 Needs To Explore The Faceless Species’ Powers

Wednesday season 2 will give the series greater opportunities to explore some of the neglected aspects of Nevermore Academy and the characters’ journeys. After the psychics, werewolves, sirens, and even Tyler’s banned Hyde species received significant attention during Wednesday’s first year at Nevermore, Wednesday season 2 can highlight the powers and identities of more vampires, gorgons, and faceless students at the school. At the very least, Wednesday season 2 can give a name to one of the faceless teens.


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Author: Seebal Rana

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