Jenna Ortega Suggests Pivotal Wednesday Season 2 Role For Lady Gaga

Jenna Ortega suggests which role Lady Gaga could play in Wednesday season 2. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar’s YA supernatural comedy series about the titular gothic Addams Family daughter (Ortega) has proved to be a massive success for Netflix, becoming the second most-watched English language series on the service. To the delight of many, Gaga herself participated in the trend, recreating the gothic dance in costume and leaving Ortega stunned with the acknowledgment of her work.

As the actress suggested, if Gaga were ever to join Wednesday season 2, she would likely play an opposite and equally formidable force to her heroine, with the characters sharing a similar relationship as Wednesday had Christina Ricci’s Miss Thornhill. Read what she said below:

“If Lady Gaga were to be a part of it, they’d have to be two monsters who understand each other.”

What Do We Know About Wednesday Season 2

At the moment, other story details about Wednesday season 2 are unclear. Still, Gough and Millar have assured fans that they have a quite clear runway of how future seasons of the show will unfold, and preparation for the same is already underway.

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