Wednesday Theory Fully Explains Enid’s Personality & Werewolf Struggle

One Wednesday theory, should it prove accurate, could explain Enid’s personality and her struggles with being a young werewolf. Tim Burton has breathed new life into The Addams Family franchise, making Wednesday a smash hit for Netflix and proving that revamping old franchises can still be original. The overall production of Wednesday is consistently engaging and eerie, and when paired with an excellent cast and a captivating narrative, the result is a delightfully entertaining show.

Wednesday Theory: Enid Is Essentially A Werewolf Puppy

The idea is that Enid, being an adolescent werewolf, is still something akin to a puppy. It would also make sense that only when Enid has grown and matured can she fully embrace herself as a werewolf.

How Enid’s Werewolf Form Explains Her Personality

Enid’s werewolf form could also explain her bubbly, energetic personality. In many ways, Enid is the opposite of Wednesday. Enid is positive and full of joyful energy, whereas as Wednesday is full of scorn and skepticism. Enid’s constant loving energy is very puppy-like, and it would make a lot of sense if her energy and optimism go hand in hand with her essentially being a werewolf puppy.

What Enid’s Full Werewolf Transformation Means For Wednesday Season 2

It could also mean that the coming-of-age theme that is central to the series could move a step forward. Wednesday and Enid will likely face the challenges of embracing their quickly approaching adulthood.



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