Wednesday Proves A Harry Potter Show Could Still Work

The success of Wednesday–which has generated both significant critical praise and audience viewership for Netflix–proves that a Harry Potter show could work in the future. The series has become something of a cultural phenomenon. For one thing, it has a quite respectable 71% on Rotten Tomatoes among critics. Just as importantly, it has also earned strong reviews from audiences, currently sitting at 86%. Thus, it provides a useful template for any future Harry Potter series that might make its way to the small screen.

Wednesday’s Characters & Setting Shares Similarities With Harry Potter

Similarly to Harry Potter, Wednesday takes place at a school specifically designed for those who have special abilities. Furthermore, like Hogwarts, it is also divided into a number of cliques, though they are more informal than the institutionalized houses of the school for young wizards and witches. Many of Wednesday’s characters also share similarities with Harry Potter, including the title character herself, whose journey–from outcast to hero (although Wednesday isn’t a witch like her ancestor Goody)–mirrors Harry’s own. Her personal journey is, in fact, one of the series’ main appeals, and a new Harry Potter series could use a similar type of character to gain audience attention.

A Wizarding World Show Like Wednesday Could Return To Harry Potter’s Roots

Should Warner Brothers ever decide to produce a Harry Potter television series in the same mold as Wednesday, it’s easy to see how it could become quite successful. Among other things, it would return the franchise to the roots it has largely abandoned with its cinematic output. The Fantastic Beasts movies have largely failed to appeal because they have very little to do with Hogwarts and the charm of seeing characters navigate the fraught world of school politics.


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Author: Seebal Rana

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