Anne Hathaway Used Her Real Name For Hollywood, But It Turns Out She Hates It

Anne Hathaway’s career has reached incredible heights incredibly quickly. Among her countless iconic credits are The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Les Misérables, and Alice in Wonderland, and she has even starred as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Her extensive resume covers all genres of films, which is truly a testament to her talent.

So, clearly, her success and ability are not the problems. No, the thing that bothers her has nothing to do with her acting. The problem is her name. She has used Anne Hathaway her whole life, not bothering to change it when she became an actress, so it was shocking to hear she doesn’t like her name.

Anne Hathaway Didn’t Know She Could Pick A Stage Name

People might be wondering why, if Anne Hathaway dislikes her name so much, she didn’t choose a different one as a stage name. After all, many in her position have taken up the opportunity to choose a name that suits them for their public life.

Why Hathaway Doesn’t Like Being Called Anne

The fact that Anne Hathaway hates her name was kind of confusing for fans at first. It’s a pretty common, and even pretty name. Not embarrassing or clunky. But there is actually a very simple explanation, one that probably most of the readers will understand and identify with, at least a little.

Hathaway Prefers The Nickname Annie

It was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon that the actress finally told the world how much she truly disliked her legal name. It wasn’t anything dramatic, she just told Jimmy Fallon that she didn’t like being called Anne.


Author: Tayyab Aftab

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