Dua Lipa Is The Queen Of Fashion Looks

Dua Lipa has an enviable wardrobe, so it’s no surprise she has all the fashion looks covered!


1. Dua always looks incredible!

Dua sure knows how to work the camera! Picture: Instagram

2. Dua Lipa’s shades are a lewk!

Dua is serving looks! Picture: Instagram

3. Dua on holiday


Dua shows off her toned figure. Picture: Instagram

4. Dua is always ready for a photoshoot!

Dua is a whole mood. Picture: Instagram

6. Dua is rocking the sheer outfit!

Dua looks gorgeous in a LBD. Picture: Instagram

7. Dua is a natural when it comes to snaps by the beach

We can tell the songstress enjoys a vacation! Picture: Instagram

8. Dua serving lewks!

We rarely see Dua in hats but we’d like to more, tbh! Picture: Instagram

9. Where Did Long Haired Dua Lipa Appear From?

Hair for days, we are loving this look! Picture: Instagram

10. Dua Lipa is a queen at taking selfies

We are so here for the pink co-ord! Picture: Instagram

Author: Rana Abdullah

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