Scarlett Johansson is named Babe of the Year by GQ magazine

It’s not news to anyone. In a case of stating the obvious, the US edition of GQ magazine has declared Scarlett Johansson ‘Babe of the Year’ in their new December issue. Sizzling on the cover in a skin-tight lycra dress, the 25-year-old actress gazes alluringly into the camera. Inside the magazine are more shots of Scarlett looking stunning. To check out more of the Scarlett shoot, go to GQ’s website. In one picture she leans back, reclining in only a gold swimsuit with a tight matching cord belt, cinching in her tiny waist.

Scarlett has long been considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, with her curvaceous creamy-skinned looks and luscious blonde hair. But last month the Iron Man 2 star lopped off her long hair, opting for a layered bob instead. Still, the new haircut seems to have done little to detract from her beauty.

Unfortunately for her admirers, Scarlett is happily married to gorgeous actor, Ryan Reynolds, 34, who is set to appear in the new Green Lantern film out next summer. But it’s not all seriousness for Scarlett. This past Saturday, the actress showed her comic side as she threw herself into the role of a pregnant teenager during her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.


She sported a baby bump as part of a sketch that poked fun at MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 and 16 and Pregnant shows. In her monologue, Johansson offered advice to younger Hollywood stars trapped in the spotlight, before singing Class from the musical Chicago, alongside SNL cast members dressed as Dina Lohan and Ke$ha. In other scenes, Scarlett mimicked Patti Stanger from the show Millionaire Matchmaker before appearing as a married Latina with big hair who is pregnant with another man’s baby.

She then appeared as herself in an awkward entertainment show interview in which she was asked if her husband Ryan Reynolds is well endowed. Finally, she played ‘Terry’ the child star, who takes on adult roles in productions such as Brokeback Mountain. Johansson certainly knows all about being a child star. She made her big screen debut as a 13-year-old with Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas in The Horse Whisperer.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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