Could Netflix Lose Wednesday? What Amazon’s Addams Family Ownership Means

Despite being one of Netflix’s most popular releases of 2022, Wednesday could potentially fall into the hands of Amazon due to its ownership of The Addams Family IP. After premiering in November 2022, the Tim Burton series broke several coveted records for Netflix, such as beating Stranger Things season 4 to become the platform’s most-watched English-language series in its first week.

Amazon’s Ownership Of The Addams Family Franchise Explained

Following numerous deals within Hollywood to acquire production companies, Amazon successfully acquired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) for $8.5 billion in early 2022 (via Variety). Within this deal, Amazon acquired rights to the IP already owned by MGM, which includes franchises like James Bond, Rocky, and The Addams Family. However, the iconic 1960s sitcom already streams on Pluto TV and Tubi TV’s free ad-supported services, with the Paramount-owned 1990s Addams Family film series also streaming with third parties. Since Netflix had to obtain the rights to The Addams Family characters for Wednesday, MGM is still a producer for the Tim Burton series, but this doesn’t mean Wednesday will also stream on Amazon.

What Netflix’s Wednesday Season 2 Renewal Means For The Series’ Rights

Amazon working with Netflix on another season of Wednesday seems to indicate that the latter streamer will hold onto the show’s rights throughout the entire series, demonstrating good faith with Amazon and MGM continuing to have positive relationships with their competitors. Unless some unforeseeable event urges Amazon to modify their deal, Netflix is Wednesday’s permanent home.

Why Wednesday Won’t Move To Amazon Prime

What Losing Wednesday Would Mean For Netflix

If Netflix was to end up losing Wednesday, it would be a bleak outlook for the streamer.


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