Wednesday’s Friendship With Eugene Has A Deeper Meaning Than You Realize

Wednesday created several unlikely friendships during season 1 of Wednesday, but there was a more profound significance to her bond with Eugene than others like Enid and Xavier. Despite her insistence that she preferred solitude, Wednesday seemed drawn to personalities at Nevermore Academy that contradicted her own. Her bright, colorful, werewolf roommate was a perfect best friend for the gothic newcomer, but Eugene provided a different kind of support and required a different sort of protection in Wednesday.

Wednesday Views Eugene Like A Brother

When Wednesday started her life at Nevermore, she made a few friends entirely against her will. However, Eugene was the first she actually chose to be around and quickly became the most protective over. The strange, nerdy, and meek beekeeper was a lot like her brother, so it was difficult for her not to begin to assign herself the role of the older sister. This again brings the reluctant tenderness that her character possesses to Wednesday audiences’ minds, reminding them that she isn’t exactly who she pretends to be.

Why Wednesday Is So Protective Of Pugsley & Eugene

Years of The Addams Family have shown Wednesday torturing Pugsley, and while he gave her good screams, he never seemed to mind it entirely. No matter what version of Wednesday’s character is on the screen, she is always fiercely independent with a deep sense of justice. The evil of the world is delicious to her, but the punishment for evil is even more so (especially if it includes an electric chair). Therefore, it’s no surprise that Netflix’s successful adaptation of Wednesday would be something of a justice warrior.

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