Scarlet Johansson’s Daughter Did Not Recognize Her 11-Year-Old Mom in This Classic Holiday Movie

Scarlett Johansson’s Early Role Didn’t Impress Her Daughter. On a snowy day during the pandemic, Johansson and her daughter revisited nostalgic films from the past, and the showing ended up including one of her earlier films.

When one thinks of the holidays, a handful of films come to mind, but the list should always include the Home Alone series. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, the premise goes: stranded at home, all alone, during Christmas, a young, savvy kid tries to outwit burglars during a home invasion, which leads to comedic and disastrous results for the invaders.

While most sequels never measure up to the original, the second and third films of the series stood on their own. Home Alone 3 featured an 11-year-old Johansson, who played the wisecracking older sister of Alex, her younger brother who had to stay home alone due to chicken pox.


Since her daughter loved the first two Home Alone films, Johansson decided to show the third film without telling her daughter she was in it. Johansson said, “I just wanted her to make the discovery.”

Funnily enough, despite her mother being one of the most recognizable figures in the world, her daughter failed to recognize her. “Of course she didn’t because how can an 11-year-old me remind her of me now?” Johansson said, laughing, as she retold the story. “And I said, ‘Who’s that person?!’ She was like, ‘You?'”


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