Wednesday’s Addams Family Reference Teases 1 Character Will Never Appear

Wednesday season 1 features a clever nod to a character from The Addams Family sitcom, but the circumstances of the reference suggest she’ll never appear in the Netflix show. Tim Burton’s Wednesday follows the eldest daughter of the Addams family as she attends the supernatural Nevermore Academy, a school where her family holds an important legacy. While Wednesday Addams and Thing are the only original characters who have main roles in the series, her mother Morticia, father Gomez, brother Pugsley, uncle Fester, and butler Lurch all make appearances.

Wednesday’s Ophelia Hall Means Morticia’s Sister Won’t Appear

In Wednesday episode 1, Principal Larissa Weems announces that Wednesday Addams will be living in Ophelia Hall, which is where Larissa and Morticia roomed 30 years ago. While Ophelia also connects to the character in Hamlet, the name is a clever reference to Morticia Frump’s sister in The Addams Family sitcom and original comics. Ophelia Frump serves as the foil to Morticia, as she’s more colorful and cheery while Wednesday’s mother is dark and macabre.

Wednesday Season 2 Needs To Introduce Morticia’s Family

The ancestry of the Addams family is a significant part of Wednesday’s story, but this focus has also sadly left out the history of Morticia’s bloodline. Wednesday season 1 didn’t give a single explicit reference to one of Morticia Frump’s family members, despite implying that her relatives are also supernaturally gifted and potentially attended Nevermore. Now that Ophelia Frump likely won’t appear in Wednesday, there is one less interesting member of her family from past adaptations to explore.

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