Wednesday Spinoffs Would Miss The Point Of Why The Show Works

Netflix’s Wednesday and the Addams Family world it brought back to the small screen proved so successful that it warranted talks about potential spinoffs, however, a Wednesday spinoff would misconstrue why the Netflix crime mystery TV show works. Still, talks about Wednesday spinoffs seem premature and could also potentially miss the point of the dark comedy TV show.

Wednesday Spinoffs Would Ignore What Makes The Show So Good

Wednesday gave viewers a bit of insight into all of Wednesday’s family members, making Gomez and Morticia’s teenage stories just as interesting as Pugsley’s challenges at school and Uncle Fester’s problems with the law. Indeed, even the world the Nevermore Academy introduced viewers to proved interesting, with the different types of outcasts and their peculiar strengths and weaknesses making the story more varied.

Wednesday Should Complete Its Own Story Before Thinking Of Spinoffs

Although Wednesday’s growth as a character was substantial in Wednesday season 1, her story still has much to uncover.



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Author: Seebal Rana

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