Why Wednesday Doesn’t End Up With Xavier

Although liking being alone is one of Wednesday’s defining traits in every Addams Family adaptation, Netflix’s Wednesday explores the idea that she can find happiness in friends after all. From Enid to Eugene, Wednesday followed its titular character as she created bonds at Nevermore. She also developed what appeared to be potential romantic relationships with Tyler and Xavier.

Wednesday Was Never Romantically Interested In Xavier

In fact, for most of her encounters with him, Wednesday believed Xavier was the Hyde. Though Xavier obviously cared about Wednesday and tried to remain friends with her following the first accusations, there was no romantic connection between them. That said, Wednesday did toy with the idea of a love triangle between Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier.

Will Wednesday Become Closer With Xavier In Wednesday Season 2?

That said, Xavier gave Wednesday a phone, suggesting that he wants to say in touch with her during summer vacation. There is definitely a connection between Wednesday and Xavier, one that could evolve in Wednesday season 2. That is not to say Wednesday and Xavier will get together in Wednesday season 2, only that the characters can become better friends in the future.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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