Tim Burton Explains Why Jenna Ortega Is The Perfect Wednesday Addams

After audiences finally got their first look at her in The Addams Family role, Tim Burton explains why he thinks Jenna Ortega is the only choice for Wednesday. Since the show’s inception, Addams Family fans have wondered who would play the pivotal role of Wednesday Addams, the bizarre clan’s macabre daughter who Christina Ricci received rave reviews for in the 1991 film adaptation. When Netflix later revealed the casting of young starlet Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, reactions included a mixture of excitement and uncertainty, as nobody had previously cast a teenage version of the character in a televised or theatrical production.

Ortega’s commitment to the role is evident in her mannerisms, which have earned her the praises of everyone in the featurette and a growing number of fans online. Even Ricci praised Ortega’s modern take on the character she popularized in mainstream movie culture. However, Burton’s comments are perhaps the most meaningful for detractors to consider, as the director’s genius usually relies on a very particular vision and familiar stars. Furthermore, his comparison of Ortega to a silent era star proves that Ortega understands the inner workings of Wednesday Addams as a character.

Fans should appreciate Burton’s enthusiasm for the casting choice, especially considering his beloved main characters like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Jack Skellington, and others. With Ortega’s talent at his fingertips, the eclectic director may shape another star-making role throughout Wednesday. In addition, Ortega’s seemingly innate understanding of the character strengthens Burton’s confidence in the actress. Fans will see more of the modernized Addams Family and Wednesday’s journey into adulthood when Wednesday premieres on Netflix later this year.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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