Megan Fox Channels Her Inner Emo Princess in an All-Pink Outfit

Megan Fox took to her Instagram Stories to show off her latest fit, which quite possibly could be a tribute to her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s music and overall style. The actor stunned in an all-pink ensemble to support her future husband at Lollapalooza in Argentina this past weekend.

Fox’s look consisted of a knitted two-piece with matching chunky boots and a choker. The edgy outfit perfectly matches the description in MGK’s song “Emo Girl” featuring WILLOW, which the musician revealed was inspired by one of Fox’s iconic movie roles.

“People don’t know, I wrote my verse about Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body,” he admitted during a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. “So that is just a little over the head thing that people didn’t pick up on. So if you listen to the verse again, it correlates with the movie.” Additionally, the first lyric in the song is “I am a God,” which is a memorable line from the 2009 cult film.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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