Dua Lipa Wears a Canadian Tuxedo to the Osheaga Music Festival

Dua Lipa rocked the stage at the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal over the weekend, and judging by the pH๏τos she posted on Instagram, her performance was pretty epic. Confetti was flying everywhere, and at one point, she made her way into the middle of the mᴀssive crowd. In true Dua fashion, and we mean fashun, her outfit was completely over-the-top. She wore an all-white denim look from Ksenia Schnaider’s 2019 resort collection. The outfit featured an unʙuттoned cropped jacket over a white bra, jeans that had been cut along the sides, and platform sneakers. Yes, that’s right: Dua took a spin on the Candian tuxedo while performing… in Canada.

On Instagram, Dua captioned the images with “OSHEAGA IN THE BLISTERING HEAT THANK YOU FOR DANCING WITH ME!!!,” which might explain the choice of the shredded denim. Maybe it was a way to keep cool? Maybe they were already ripped and Dua decided to take it to the next level? We have so many questions.

Fans were loving Dua’s onstage ensemble, with one person writing that she looked “stunning as always.” Someone else asked Dua to teach her how to have “100000000% good fashion sense.”


Wearing a bra as a top has been one of Dua’s go-to fashion moves lately. The “New Rules” singer has created a uniform of sorts by going shirtless with classic underwire styles that she wears from the stage to the street. Her IDGAF atтιтude is what makes her such a style star, and summer is definitely the perfect time for her to fully embrace the bras-as-tops philosophy. You keep doing you, Dua.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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