Where Does The Addams Family Live In Wednesday?

Additionally, Wednesday utilizes the history and geography of New England for much of its story at Nevermore, including Puritan settlements and Uncle Fester’s crimes in Boston, Massachusetts. Wednesday season 1 only gives a brief glimpse at the wealthy Addams family’s iconic mansion, which appears when she has flashbacks to burying her pet scorpion. Unless featuring a quick scene before Wednesday heads back to Nevermore Academy, it’s unlikely that Wednesday season 2 will return to the Addams family mansion or explore their lives with “normies” in their hometown. However, the teases from Wednesday season 1’s opening scene already give great insight into the type of community the family resides in, with other hints pinning down the state where they live in the Netflix series.

The Addams Family Is From New Jersey In Wednesday

In Netflix’s Wednesday, the kooky Addams family lives in New Jersey, which is about a six or seven-hour drive to Nevermore Academy in Vermont.

Why The Addams Family Have New Jersey Origins

The Addams family living in New Jersey in Wednesday isn’t random, as it connects to the characters’ origins. The Addams Family cartoonist Charles Addams is originally from Westfield, New Jersey, so their home state is a tribute to the characters’ creator. In fact, The Addams Family mansion design was inspired by a home located in Westfield, New Jersey, which was coincidentally located on Elm Street.

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