Wednesday’s Bloopers Make Jenna Ortega’s Performance Even More Impressive

Netflix has released a blooper reel for Wednesday, and Jenna Ortega’s bloopers make her performance even more impressive. Wednesday and Ortega, as the titular character, have smashed Netflix records, becoming one of the most streamed series.  Wednesday pays homage to some of The Addams Family’s classic traits, such as the double snap from the title sequence, but also introduces new aspects to the show, such as Wednesday and her Nevermore peers having superpowers.

Wednesday’s Bloopers Show How Different Jenna Ortega Is From Her Character

The Wednesday bloopers show many moments of Jenna Ortega slipping out of character, and doing the one thing Wednesday never does, smiling. Ortega smiles a lot, and it is clear she naturally smiles a lot and likes to have fun, as she is often goofy and messing around with the other cast members. There is one blooper where Ortega and Joy Sunday (who plays Bianca, a powerful Nevermore student) are shooting their fencing scene, a quite serious and anger-fueled scene, and Ortega is jumping in the air and dancing.

Why Jenna Ortega Is The Perfect Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega’s differences from Wednesday Addams do not hinder how perfect she is for the role. On the contrary, Ortega’s ability to easily switch between her cheery self and the ultra-serious, unblinking Wednesday Addams only proves how much Ortega understood and embodied Wednesday Addams. Alongside all her training to become Wednesday, Ortega also did her own stunts, such as when she was thrown against a tree by The Hyde, which further proves how committed she was to playing Wednesday Addams.

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