Wednesday Star Recalls One Frustration From Netflix Show

Jenna Ortega revealed a major frustration and some complexities that arose when filming the upcoming Tim Burton horror series Wednesday. It follows the titular character, Wednesday, navigating high school whilst refining her psychic powers and stopping supernatural monstrosities affecting the town where she is now going to school.

I felt like everybody wanted different things from her. I remember Tim did not want me to have any expression or emotion at all. He wanted a flat surface…There were a lot of battles like that [with other directors] because I felt like people didn’t always trust me when I was creating my path in terms of, “Okay, this is her arc. This is where she gets emotional.’ There have never been so many cooks in the kitchen. Typically I have no problem using my voice, but when you’re in it—I just remember feeling defeated after the first ​​month.

Ortega’s Comments Are Worrying For Tim Burton’s Wednesday

Ortega’s comment that there were “too many cooks in the kitchen” indicates that there was an abundance of opinions and directions suggested to her and perhaps the rest of the cast. The question that arises following her comment is whether there will be unevenness and a lack of overall consistency in tone and character for the upcoming series. Despite the initial stress and frustration of trying to live up to what everyone else wanted from the character, Ortega praised Burton for his collaborative approach and attentive listening to rectify this issue and ensure her voice was heard.

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