Pawsome: Times When Alexandra Daddario Proved That She Loves Being A Dog Mom

Alexandra Daddario is an American star who was born on 16th March 1986 in the U.S. The star is an extremely talented actress who has been a part of various films and series. Alexandra is famously known for her role in the Percy Jackson film series in which she played the role of Annabeth Chase. The star loves acting and is one of the most hardworking actresses in the film industry. As much as Daddario is passionate about acting, the star has a passion for dogs.

Daddario is a big-time dog lover and also supports various organizations that support and help dogs for adoption. If it was up to Alexandra then the star would have adopted multiple dogs but in an interview, Daddario stated that due to her work schedule and frequent traveling it’s hard for her to look after more than one dog. But the gorgeous actress is a dog mom of a dog named Levon. Alexandra adopted Levon when he was 2 years old from a rescue group.

If you check Alexandra’s Instagram account then you will notice how close Alexandra is to her dog, Levon is all over Alexandra’s Instagram account. In fact, Levon has his own separate Instagram page which has over 50k followers. After adopting Levon, Alexandra fell so much in love with him that the star is raising awareness among others to adopt their dogs as well.

Daddario definitely loves being a dog mom and the star loves her dog immensely.Have a look at a few pictures that the star shared on her Instagram page with Levon.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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