Dua Lipa Looks Sizzling In A Bubbly Bathtub

Dua Lipa recently posted a photo of herself without any clothes on Instagram, and her fans went crazy.

She was caught on camera with her headphones on and standing up in the bathtub, showing her soapy behind to the camera.

She also recently posted a picture of herself lounging by the pool on Instagram. She enjoyed the end of summer in a string bikini that showed off her toned body.

She has a huge collection of amazing swimsuits, from her strappy Coconut Girl monokini to her tangy orange bikini to that sequin snakeskin moment, but her most recent one is especially beautiful.

The top of her triangle bikini was black with the cutest colourful butterflies printed on it. The straps were forest green and tied in a halter neckline.

She wore it with bottoms that matched, which she tied into bows on both sides of her hips.

She put her hair back in a ponytail and slicked it back to keep it out of her face. She wore simple hoop earrings that went with the silver chain-link bracelet on her left wrist.

She called the collection of photos “day and night randoms,” and the rest of her post was slideshows of how to dress from day to night.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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