Why Wednesday Doesn’t Use The Addams Family Theme Song

The Addams Family theme song debuted in 1964 for the original sitcom, and has become recognizable in pop culture ever since. Directed by Tim Burton, Netflix’s Wednesday uses a gothic theme composed by Danny Elfman for its intro credits, but doesn’t include any lyrics or snaps like in The Addams Family song.

How Music Is Still Important To The Wednesday Show

In addition to Tim Burton’s direction and a perfect cast, Wednesday’s music gives it an authentic advantage, as Danny Elfman is well-known for composing incredible gothic scores. Both Elfman’s score and the various songs that play throughout Wednesday elevate the series’ eerie atmosphere, with each genre of music giving insight into the characters. Gomez and Morticia sing love ballads to one another, Wednesday plays classical music on her cello or listens to Spanish songs on vinyl, and Enid plays pop songs that are essentially a form of torture for Wednesday.

Netflix’s Wednesday Still Incorporates The Iconic Addams Family Snap

Despite not including a rendition of The Addams Family theme song, Wednesday still incorporates one iconic element of the tune. The double snap heard throughout The Addams Family song now has a different, more meaningful purpose in Netflix’s Wednesday. Snapping twice is the secret code used to enter the Nightshades Library at Nevermore Academy, which was established by Wednesday Addams’ ancestors. As such, Wednesday gives the classic snapping feature of The Addams Family theme song a deeper meaning and presence in the family’s history.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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