Wednesday Season 1 Ending Explained (In Detail)

Wednesday’s gothic nature, deadpan delivery, and homicidal obsessions come in handy as she investigates a murder mystery affecting her family, which threatens the lives of all outcasts.

What Happens In Wednesday’s Season 1 Ending

Wednesday’s season 1 ending sees the title character battling Tyler and his master as they bring back Joseph Crackstone to eradicate the outcasts at Nevermore Academy. After Tyler admits to being the Hyde, Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams has to gather her friends and prepare for the attacks that will inevitably occur at the school. Laurel reveals her plan to bring back Joseph Crackstone and finish his work to rid the world of outcasts, with Christina Ricci’s character killing Principal Weems after her confession.

Miss Thornhill’s Laurel Gates Twist Reveal Explained

Is Joseph Crackstone’s Outcast Plan Really Over?

The Gates seem to be just one of several wealthy families from Jericho who descended from Joseph Crackstone, with others who hate the outcasts possibly using the Gates’ tragedies to incite more hate against supernatural beings. Wednesday Addams ponders whether Laurel and Tyler were simply pawns in a bigger game, suggesting the plan to get rid of outcasts extends beyond Joseph Crackstone’s vendetta in Jericho.

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What Tyler Turning Back Into The Hyde Means For Wednesday

Who’s Wednesday’s New Stalker? How The Ending Sets Up Season 2

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