Who Is Wednesday’s New Stalker? Every Possibility For Season 2

Wednesday’s season 1 ending reveals that Wednesday Addams has a mysterious stalker, which sets up a significant villain for season 2. As Wednesday leaves Nevermore Academy for break, she receives text messages from an unknown contact on her brand-new cell phone. The threatening texts include pictures of Wednesday having coffee with Tyler for her birthday and Xavier giving her the cell phone only moments before. Following a text that says “I’m watching you” and a GIF of a knife stabbing Wednesday, the Tim Burton Addams Family show’s title character acknowledges that she has her “very first stalker.”

Sheriff Galpin

Galpin might blame 16-year-old Wednesday Addams for many of the tragedies that took place during Wednesday season 1, which would explain why he would be threatening and “watching” her after Tyler’s arrest.

Lucas Walker

Despite Lucas becoming friendly with Bianca Barclay, who was once Wednesday’s enemy at Nevermore Academy, he seems to no longer have any vendettas against Nevermore. After getting in trouble for spraying red paint all over the outcasts at Wednesday season 1’s Rave’N dance, he appeared to turn a new leaf and want to make amends between the normies and outcasts. In fact, Lucas Walker was the one who helped Wednesday realize that Laurel Gates was still alive and in Jericho, as it turned out that Laurel was responsible for the murder of Lucas’s dad.

Vincent Thorpe

While he never appears in Wednesday season 1, the Tim Burton horror-comedy show often references Xavier’s famous father Vincent Thorpe. Wednesday indicates that the celebrity psychic is a poor father to Xavier, as he fails to attend parents’ weekend and only sends Xavier to therapy to avoid a PR problem. If so, Vincent might be threatening Wednesday to stop investigating the school’s past.

Yoko Tanaka

Coach Vlad

Connie Jorgensen


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