Wednesday’s Dance Scene Was Almost VERY Different From Ortega’s Choreo

Wednesday stars Ortega in the title role of Wednesday Addams. The dark series follows Wednesday as she tries to settle in at the Nevermore Academy, a school for outcast teens with supernatural powers. There, Wednesday must solve a mystery involving a monster lurking around the school and her role in a prophecy.

Well, I read episode 104 pretty early on. And we didn’t know what song we were gonna be using, we didn’t know what the situation was. Let’s have it be her own thing.

Why Wednesday’s Dance Scene Perfectly Represents The Character

Ortega keeps showing audiences how much Netflix got right by casting her as the lead on Wednesday, something the streamer knows well after breaking a Stranger Things Netflix record.

What To Expect From Wednesday Season 2

Given Wednesday season 1’s resounding success for Netflix, a season 2 renewal’s only a matter of time. Wednesday season 2 needs to answer some questions, from who Wednesday’s new stalker might be to Nevermore Academy’s fate.

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