Wednesday Episode 2 Secretly Told You The Monster’s Species

Wednesday Addams spends much of the season trying to figure out the identity of the murderous monster, but Wednesday episode 2 had already hinted at the violent species. When Uncle Fester comes to visit in Wednesday season 1, episode 7, Jenna Ortega’s gothic character finally learns that the monster is a Hyde, with Fester explaining more about the creature’s violent nature. Wednesday then discovers that the Hyde is actually Tyler, who inherited the supernatural transformation from his mother Francois Galpin, a former peer of Morticia and Gomez Addams at Nevermore Academy.

“Mason suggested a discussion around Nevermore’s notorious Bradbury Tower; an abandoned wing allegedly erected to sequester Hydes at the school. Mason wondered if the Nightshades should be effecting a greater influence over the tower’s utility.”

What Happened To Tyler’s Mom At Nevermore In Wednesday?

Wednesday season 1, episode 8 reveals that Tyler inherited his violent Hyde from his mother, who went on to marry normie Sheriff Galpin.

Why Hydes Are So Dangerous In Wednesday

Hydes seem to be the most dangerous outcast species at Nevermore Academy, as Principal Larissa Weems suggests they’re one of the few species banned from the school. Wednesday season 1 reveals that they’re unpredictable and violent, with the outcasts bending to the wills and nefarious plans of their masters. Considering season 1’s ending hints that Tyler may escape his chains when transforming into the Hyde, season 2 of Tim Burton’s Wednesday will require even more research on the dangerous species.



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