Wednesday Boss Says Fred Armisen Shaved His Head to Play Uncle Fester (And He’s Only in One Episode)

In episode seven, the electricity-wielding senior dropped by to see how his niece was doing and to take a few days off before his next “work” in Boston. Miles Millar, who co-creates the show with Al Gough, claims that there was only one actor in mind for the peculiar character.

Working with someone like Tim Burton is fantastic because you get your first pick, according to Millar, who spoke to TVLine. “Fred has the ideal appearance, and he also brings such wonderful energy to the job, so we always wanted him. He was always that first for us.

When Armisen decided to take on the job, appearing in just one episode this season, Millar claims that he and Gough “couldn’t believe it.” But because the filming was done in Romania, doing so presented its own set of difficulties.

The group could stay there for eight months with no problems, but hiring guest stars proved to be more difficult, according to Millar. According to the Wednesday show’s executive producer, Armisen was “all in” for the part and “very happy to do it,” even shaving his head for the special appearance.

According to Armisen, getting the massive chop gave him a more authentic appearance than donning a bald cap.

However, I believe that bald caps don’t always look well, so I hoped to just make it that much more convincing.

Armisen is among excellent company. Additionally, Christopher Lloyd shaved his head in order to play Uncle Fester in the 1991 films The Addams Family and Addams Family Values.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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