Wednesday: 10 Differences Between Jenna Ortega & Christina Ricci’s Performances

Jenna Ortega told The A.V. Club that she made sure that her performance in Netflix’s Wednesday was distinct from Christina Ricci’s. Ortega explained, “you are who people see as Wednesday, and that’s just the truth. I feel like the script was very reminiscent of ’90s Wednesday. It was really important to me that I wasn’t doing a knockoff of your performance, and it was different.”

Ortega Plays Wednesday As More Of A Loner

The trailer for Wednesday revealed some changes between Ricci and Ortega’s portrayals of the famous character.

Ortega Gives Wednesday A Sense Of Humor

One of the clearest differences between Ricci and Ortega’s performances is that Ortega makes Wednesday much funnier. In the ’90s movies, Ricci plays this character as a dark, somber person who doesn’t laugh or grin.

Ortega Allows Wednesday To Show Signs Of Compassion


This is all thanks to Ricci’s strong performance as her character always sounds cold and serious.

Ricci Plays Wednesday As Serious And Somber 24/7

Ricci decides that this character should always look a bit sad and like something terrible has happened.

Ortega Makes The Character More Expressive

The most memorable thing about Wednesday is that she doesn’t often look happy and she isn’t cheerful. She definitely doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve. Ortega’s performance is compelling as she has many different facial expressions, which is a big change for this iconic character.

Ortega Gives Wednesday A Sense Of Whimsy

Jenna Ortega’s best movie and TV roles prove her talent and the actor excels at the thriller and horror genres.

Ricci Makes Wednesday More Mysterious

Ricci ensures that audiences never feel like they really know the character super well. Sure, they understand that she’s all about the gruesome and creepy parts of life.

Ortega Shows That Wednesday Can Definitely Feel Fear

Ortega Ensures That Wednesday Reacts

She ignores her family and forges ahead.

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