The Only Time Wednesday Truly Smiles In The Show (& What It Means)

Wednesday Addams only sincerely smiles once in Wednesday season 1, which reveals much about her character. Part of the charm of Wednesday Addams’ character is her deadpan wit and emotionless nature, but Wednesday season 1 attempts to unravel this apathetic disposition on rare occasions.

Why Wednesday Addams Hardly Ever Smiles In Season 1

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday continues to deny her empathetic humanity, instead wanting to purport herself as a cold, heartless, and sadistic loner. Wednesday’s actions in the Tim Burton series continue to subvert this assessment of herself, but her genuine expressions of happy, heartfelt emotion are what truly counteract this, such as when she smiles at seeing Uncle Fester and finally hugs Enid.

What Wednesday’s Smile Says About Her Bond With Uncle Fester

Wednesday and Fester’s bond suggests that she shares more in common with him than the rest of her family members, as Ortega’s character doesn’t smile when reunited with her parents or brother. Fester seems to come in and out of Wednesday’s life when not in prison or on a job, with Fester seemingly seeing the potential in Wednesday to become a criminal mastermind even more clever than himself. Wednesday’s parents show much affection to one another, but there seemed to be largely surface-level connections between them and Wednesday before the Tim Burton series. While Morticia and Gomez Addams can’t choose a favorite between Pugsley and Wednesday, Fester can, and Wednesday always cherished this favoritism from her uncle.


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