Anne Hathaway looks stunning a retro outfit while filming a scene for her new film Mother’s Instinct

Part of Anne Hathaway’s new movie, Mother’s Instinct, was seen being filmed on a beach in Port Monmouth, New Jersey. The 39-year-old actress, who has won many awards, looked beautiful in a dark blue vintage dress and a wig with a retro look. The actress was walking along the beach while filming a scene with one of her younger co-stars.

 Anne Hathaway was spotted filming a scene from her latest film Mother’s Instinct on a beach in New Jersey

The Princess Diaries actress wore a dark navy dress that fell just past her knees. The top was collared with a ribbed texture and buttons running down to the waistline.

The actress pulled off a 1960s-inspired outfit to fit the time era of the film

The actress wore classic, elegant makeup, including light, peach-colored blush and matching colored lipstick.

The actress and her younger co-star were seen walking in front of the camera to film a quick scene

The Oscar winner could be seen smiling in between takes as she prepared to shoot a beach scene with her younger costar.

The Devil Wears Prada actress appeared to be in high spirits as she spent the day at the beach

Her costar wore a dark striped short-sleeved T-shirt, gray pants and shoes to walk along the sand.






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