Wednesday Subtly Set Up The Best Season 2 Morticia Return

Morticia Addams plays a pleasantly important role in Nevermore’s murder mystery, but one big character death sets up an even more significant return for the Addams matriarch in Wednesday season 2. Wednesday season 1 establishes a complex dynamic between Morticia and her daughter; Wednesday begins the show resenting her mother’s legacy at Nevermore Academy, but the two ultimately become closer as Morticia helps Wednesday understand her psychic powers. Morticia also played a key role in Wednesday season 1’s 1990 murder mystery, as she accidentally stabbed Garrett Gates while he was dying from nightshade poisoning.

Why Nevermore Academy Needs To Stay Open In Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday Addams remarks that she’s unsure how long the “forced break” will be, but it seems Nevermore is planning to reopen when the next semester begins. However, considering so many sinister plans were in the works under the school’s roof, it’s possible that the staff and benefactors of Nevermore would elect for it to stay closed. Christina Ricci’s Miss Thornhill, A.K.A. Laurel Gates, is seemingly dead, but there are still normies who seek to continue Joseph Crackstone’s plan to eradicate outcasts.

Why Morticia Becoming Nevermore’s Principal Makes Sense

Considering Catherine Zeta-Jones made a memorable performance as Morticia in Tim Burton’s Addams Family show, her role warrants a bigger return for Wednesday season 2. Morticia is a Nevermore Academy alumni with a legacy that looms large over Wednesday season 1, so the school board would likely enjoy having her guide the new generation of outcasts. Morticia Addams was also racked with guilt over Garrett Gates’ death, which she felt responsible for as a Nevermore student. As such, returning to teach at Nevermore and re-establish a friendly relationship with Jericho’s normies would help atone for her role in Garrett’s demise 30 years ago.

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